Supporting Your Business Where You Need Us


We have built an extensive network of independent partner firms in the CEE/BBA region, with at least two verified companies in each country to minimise the risk of conflicts. Cooperation with global partners allows us to support projects with international reach.





Scandinavian Desk and German Desk


We have opened a Scandinavian Desk and a German Desk to support clients from these regions who have projects in Poland and the wider CEE/BBA region. We also help Polish companies that need support in conducting their business in Germany and Scandinavia. The desks are manned by experts with a deep knowledge and understanding of these markets, who understand the specific problems that companies may face and how to resolve them quickly and efficiently.


Support from the Desks includes:


  • Choosing a safe and tax-efficient way of doing business in Poland
  • Providing representation before tax authorities
  • Advising on issues related to settlements with related parties
  • Assessing cross-border tax effects
  • Supporting transactions from the tax perspective
  • Providing day-to-day tax advice