About Us

Who We Are


NGL Tax is a dynamic team of highly dedicated professionals who offer full-scope tax advice and support. The team is split into the following specialisations, each led by an adviser with specific, in-depth knowledge and experience:

  • income taxes
  • indirect taxes
  • transfer pricing
  • real estate tax
  • transactions
  • tax reliefs
  • tax controversy
  • tax compliance

This allows us to offer our clients a wide spectrum of advice and easy access to a combination of experts that best fit their case. Whenever there is a need for multidisciplinary support going beyond strictly tax issues, we are able to advise our clients in a variety of areas, including legal, strategic, operational, and knowledge management.

Network of integrated services

The Group


The Group was created with the aim of providing our clients with complete business solutions – going beyond just legal and tax issues.

Our clients are faced with complex business challenges that require a multi-disciplinary approach. The combined skills of highly experienced legal, tax, strategic, know-how and operational practitioners provide our clients with the right mix for their needs – all under one roof.

Hybrid Model


Top Experts Working For You




CEE/BBA (Balkans, Baltics & Adriatics) as a region is very diverse and the quality of services varies. Many local firms in this region have skilled tax advisers who deliver high quality support.

We have created a hybrid cooperation model with practitioners in these locations, as well as with global tax firms.

We have identified and built relationships with top regional specialists, so we are able to offer our clients straightforward, independent access to quality services with the benefit of optimisation of the management processes by making them more transparent, lean, and cost-effective.

All our partners operate independently, under their own brand and with direct contact with your team and NGL Tax is an integrator and your single point of contact these locations, as well as with global tax firms.