Our Team participated in the pre-consultation process organized by the Ministry of Finance regarding the so-called SLIM VAT 2 package, presenting its own professional standpoint as well as remarks prepared by our Clients.

The SLIM VAT 2 package includes, among others, the following proposals:

  • regulating the principles of taxation of chain transactions when the first supplier is responsible for transport
  • correction of import of services and intra-community acquisitions in the settlement for the month in which the reason for correction arose
  • removal of sanctions for late reporting of imports of services
  • filing the information on vehicles giving the full right to deduct VAT by the 25th of the following month
  • enabling the choice of taxation of supply of real estate through a statement in the notarial deed
  • extension of the time period for taking advantage of the bad debt relief from 2 to 3 years
  • abolition of duplicate invoices
  • facilitation of issuing collective correction invoices

Our team, in the presented position, has referred to the proposals of the Ministry of Finance and indicated which details of the proposed solutions still need to be clarified in order to make the settlement of VAT easier as announced by the Ministry.

We hope that our proposals will be accepted by the Ministry of Finance and that the Polish tax regulations will be improved.


Press release